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Brainstorm notepad

Brainstorm notepad

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The key to having good ideas is to have many ideas.

Want to come up with better ideas? Decide on a number of ideas to come up with and don’t discount any until you've hit your target number. Brainstorm notepad has a set number of slots that you HAVE to fill before you're allowed to pass judgement.

Picking an endurance challenge? Let's see ‘ultimate camel riding’ alongside 'marathon' and 'cycling'.

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- A6 sized (10.5 x 14.7 cm)
- 50 sheets per notepad
- Easy to write on
- Designed in Bristol, UK.
- Made in Germany

How to use

1. Pick an area that you want to come up with ideas for. Phrase it as a question like ‘what should I name my dog?’ 2. Place each idea in a segment of the brain
3. Keep adding ideas until all the areas are filled, no matter how ridiculous they are
4. Once the brain is full, you can start evaluating your ideas

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