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Groceries notepad

Groceries notepad

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The Problem we were trying to solve

I go to the supermarket all the time on an empty stomach. It’s a bad plan, because there is no plan. Fortunately I have a freezer and an accommodating flatmate. Often the problem is that I’ve forgotten what’s already in the fridge rather than the fact that I buy too much.

What we came up with

This grocery list is designed to help you decide what to buy based on what you plan on eating over the course of the week. There is no right way to fill in the list. I’ll often start by filling in all the existing food that needs to be eaten on the right hand side, working out how to turn this into meals on the left, and then add any remaining ingredients on the right. There is an additional column for entering the shop that you intend to buy the item from for people who shop in multiple locations (and then remember the one thing they forgot once they’ve left the first one).

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'- DL sized notepads (10.5 x 21.0 cm)
- 50 sheets of high quality colour print paper per notepad
- Easy to write on
- Designed in Bristol, UK
- Made in Germany

How to use

1. Plan what you're going to eat next week and write it in each space.
2. If you eat the same thing for breakfast every morning just write it on the first line and draw an arrow down
3. You don't need to actually stick to the days, a rough estimate is fine, particularly if you're batch cooking for yourself
4. Write out what foods to you need to buy for the meal plan you've written. Fresh or unprocessed foods go in the green lines. Processed or packaged foods go in the white lines.
5. Add some more fresh foods to fill in all the green lines!

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