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Fail better notepad

Fail better notepad

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We all fail, but some of us learn from our mistakes better than others. Dust yourself off, address your failure, stop beating yourself up and work out what was actually within your control and is something you could do differently next time.

    The Problem we were trying to solve

    We all have memories of failure, some more epic that others. That time I laughed at someone’s joke, and then realised they were being deadly serious. That time you should really have discussed billing arrangements before you started that project. That time a friend booked a matinee performance by accident and turned up to the evening showing. A failure is not a waste provided you learn something. You just need to get over the initial cringe in order to address it.

    What we came up with

    We designed this notepad to work through various issues sequentially. The first step was to get people to address that whatever their failure was, it probably wasn’t as bad as they were making it out to be. The second step is to identify the source of the emotional feelings that are stopping you from confronting the failure. Maybe you’re afraid that you’re just destined to fail this way forever, maybe you’re annoyed at yourself. Take a step back and try dispassionately reevaluating the situation. Finally focus on the things that you could control and work out how you could change these next time.


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    - A6 sized (10.5 x 14.7 cm)
    - 50 sheets per notepad
    - Easy to write on
    - Designed in Bristol, UK
    - Made in Germany

    How to use

    1. Write down how you failed, be specific
    2. Evaluate what was your fault and what wasn’t
    3. Identify which thinking errors are making the failure seem bigger than it should be 4. Identify what you can learn from the experience, and focus on that instead

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