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Goal Compass notepad

Goal Compass notepad

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For those who are in a niche field where the path to success isn't obvious. Work out what success means you you by answering the following left-field questions. Repeat for different careers if you're multi-talented. 


The Problem we were trying to solve

Are you one of those people who isn’t quite sure what they should be doing with their life?

We know many of them. Most of them are somewhat anxious about the fact that they haven’t got it all figured out yet, thinking that they can never be successful if they don’t know what they should be working towards. ‘What should I do with my life’ is such a big question because life is long and the assumption is that the answer is forever. We don’t believe in that but it is a reason why the question scares people. We decided to create a notepad that addresses the question from different angles, thinking about what would be cool places to get to rather than how exactly you need to get there.

What we came up with

Many other people we know use motivation boards for similar purposes. We know that these work for some people (one friend in sales swears by his collection of sports car photographs). They never really worked for us, but what did was ideas around how other people would react to your successes. So we came up with some quickfire questions that help poke your ideas into shape and get you thinking. Gut reaction answers for these are just as good as considered ones, so don’t feel obliged to think too deeply.

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- A6 sized notepads (10.5 x 14.8 cm)
- 50 sheets of high quality colour print paper per notepad
- Easy to write on
- Designed in Bristol, UK
- Made in Germany.

How to use

1. Complete the sentences on the notepad
2. Read through your answers and see if any of them surprised you

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