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Tasks & Scheduling

Tasks & Scheduling

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  • 50 sheets of full colour print per notepad
  • Easy to write on uncoated paper for pencils, biros, fountain pens, and more
  • Most notepads are 10.5 x 14.8 cm, some are 21.0 x 10.5 cm or 21.0 x 14.8 cm
  • Designed in Bristol, printed in Germany
  • Comes packaged in a turquoise mailer box

    Walk Extra

    The walk planner lets you schedule your time in two hour blocks, colour coded to help you work out when you have the most energy in the day.

    If you’re a morning person, don’t try to do much after 9pm.

    Run Agenda

    We created Run Agenda for people who have full-on days who need to be reminded to take a break. Schedule your hourly appointments, then schedule what breaks you'll take in between.

    Perfect for those new to work-from-home who forget to take coffee breaks without co-workers around.


    Zeno's scheduler organises your day by making you do your longer tasks first when you have the most focus.

    Get the longer deep work tasks done at the start of the day and work on shorter tasks towards the end as your attention span lapses.

    Designed for people who like to organise their day by length of task, we named this one after Zeno's paradox.


    Don’t look at your to do list first thing in the morning. You’ll get decision fatigue before your coffee has cooled.

    Write yourself a priority list before bed so that you know your goals for the next day.


    Big projects are hard to make a start on.

    Keep breaking down goals until they're arranged into manageable subtasks using this dinky little notepad.

    Ideally all tasks you undertake should be less than an hour, but we know that some of them will need a much larger chunk of time set aside to make progress.

    “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” - Mark Twain

    Frogs are tasks that you’ve been putting off for a long time which somehow never get around to.

    "I must do that tomorrow" you think. Just as you thought yesterday, and the day before that.

    Keep track of your frogs and how old they’re getting. 

    Task Matrix Extra

    Struggling to work out what to focus on next?

    Plot all your to do tasks on our Task matrix based on urgency and importance, then follow the instructions based on which box they ended up in.

    Right place. Right time. Right task.

    Some tasks require you to be in certain places or with certain people. These conditions can act as a roadblock as setting them up takes time and effort. 
    Batch encourages you to organise tasks with similar conditions onto the same list. Collect tasks over the course of a week and then breeze through them in one go.

    Give Me Five

    Decision paralysis?

    Write down all the things you have to do, then pick the five you are ACTUALLY going to do.

    The rest of the list becomes the ‘avoid at all costs’ list until you have finished the five goals you picked.

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